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Welcome to Scoopys!

Welcome to Scoopys!

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Please call 425-254-9144 or book online below! Please click on the date you prefer and click to see availability.   Please make sure the calendar reflects the date you really want!  Thank you!

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Scoop That Poop!

Scoop that Poop! The Dangers of Dog Doo-Doo Left on Your Lawn infographic

Facts About the Dangers of Dog Poop

Facts About the Dangers of Dog Poop Dog poop is a problem we deal with on a daily basis. But is it dangerous? How much do you know? Is pet waste a health hazard? Here are the dangerous facts: 1. Dog poop is NOT good fertilizer. It’s toxic to your lawn! The high nutrient concentration […]

Pet Pickup for Wynstone and surrounding neighborhoods